Avanan Advanced Protect

Introducing the next level in Office 365 protection. Providing a 99% reduction in phishing, spam, malware and viruses.

Smart, efficient and effective protection for your business.

Office 365, without a doubt - is a world-class leading collaboration solution. It allows you to communicate with the world in ways that are seamless, simple, streamlined and safe ... almost.

It's a well know fact that Office 365 has security built-in. But security is a shared responsibility. It's not just a simple matter of turning it on anymore. 

Hackers are getting better at exploiting people through sophisticated social engineering and phishing attacks that you only find out about - when it's too late.

The Best Way to Protect your Office 365 environment from Malware, Spam, Phishing and more .. Avanan is the latest cutting edge Office 365 protection suite the have five separate protection engines built it.
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Avanan Advanced Protect
Product Details
Avanan uses advanced AI to prevent malicious attacks from ever reaching your inbox including protection from advanced phishing, malicious links and files. Secure all incoming, outgoing, and internal emails and get protection from zero-day malware, malicious URLs, and unauthorised applications within your Office 365 environment in a simple, easy, efficient way. 

In addition to anti-phishing filtering, SaaS protection, file sanitisation, URL click-time protection, and account takeover prevention, Avanan Advanced Protect uses a multi-layer strategy to detect zero-day threats, as well as a self-teaching AI-powered algorithm that dynamically detects malicious behaviour and quarantines dangerous files, this solution protects your organisation in real-time. 

Features Include:
  • Add threat emulation of files and links for zero-day protection
  • Secure all email - incoming, outgoing and internal
  • Advanced AI-based anti-phishing
  • Anti-spam filtering
  • Known malware prevention (Antivirus)
  • Protection from zero-day malware (File Sandboxing)
  • File sanitisation (CDR)
  • Malicious URL protection (URL Reputation)
  • URL click-time protection (URL Rewriting)
  • Protection from zero-day malicious URLs (URL Sandboxing)
  • Account takeover prevention (Anomalies)
  • Unauthorised applications detections (Shadow IT)
Pricing is per licensed Office 365 user / per month - for all licensed users within your Office 365 tenancy.
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